Meet the Kraken T>i Warriorz Studio Drum and Bass Dnb Rollers

Meet the Kraken: T>I (ft. Warriorz)

It’s your boy, T>I

Laid back, wise, and authentic. These three adjectives seem to represent perfectly our impression of Mathew during our chat a few months ago.


Always inspired, he draws his ideas from the legendary Dj Randall. After playing his set in Paris, roller after roller, destroying the crowd with his groovy collection of dubplates, we were impressed to see how calm the man was.

Well surrounded and generous, T>I showed a lot of support for his pals and producer close-friends. From Saxxon to Limited to Upgrade, they are always featured in his sets.


After perfoming at the Warriorz edition, T>I explained how long it took him to craft his signature sound, emphasizing the fact that these “monotone roller” sounds were recently coming back in the Drum and Bass scene.

No wonder the man has been making some noise lately. With a forthcoming EP on Souped Up and on Critical Recordings, he was directly featured on the latest Noisia Radio show!

Learn more about this Drum and Bass badboy by watching this episode of Meet the Kraken! 

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Motion Designer: Ikari & OTO

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